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Can't get to see Jen in person? You can always watch her videos or read her books and articles. Jen's videos typically focus on front-end web development, including responsive design, Grid, Flexbox, Bootstrap, Foundation, Sass, and other modern design coding methods. Jen is known for presenting difficult information in a simple way to beginners, contributing to her popularity and her strong following as an author.

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Before You Code: Validate Your Idea, Build a Better Product, and Plan Your Way to Success

By Heather O'Neill and Jen Kramer

Before You Code book  cover. Based on the same video series, Harvard course, and workshop, this book covers how to plan and design a website — from defining site goals and choosing a target audience to designing a page architecture and establishing a tone of voice. Along the way, you’ll learn about project outlines, must-know business concepts (value proposition, success metrics, etc.), branding, ethnographic research, market research, personas, information architecture, UX design, usability testing, and more. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to deliver a website specification that’s ready to code...and impress your boss.

Reading "Before You Code" has changed the way I work with clients entirely! I've seen an instant shift in the way they view the work I'm doing.

Ehi Aimiuwu, Founder and CEO at Geek Empowered

Joomla! Start to Finish

Joomla! Start to Finish book  cover.Jen's first book, Joomla! Start to Finish: How to Plan, Execute, and Maintain Your Website, was published in 2010 and covers Joomla 1.5.

The book starts with two chapters of how to plan your Joomla website. While Jen focuses on Joomla, these tips can be used for planning any website. If the site is well-planned, the site will be executed more quickly, since there are no lingering questions about what the client really wanted, or unhappy surprises when the client sees what was built for them.

Jen goes on to describe Joomla's installation, the SCAM (sections, categories, articles, and menus), putting together a home page, and custom templating. She wraps up with important points about maintaining the site going forward, including hosting and upgrades.

"Joomla! Start to Finish will be dog-eared, and worn by the time you are done! It is a well written and highly useful volume for any Joomla! developer or web site administrator. If you only buy one Joomla! book - buy this one"

Tom Canavan - Author, Joomla! Web Security

Joomla! 24-Hour Trainer

Published in 2011, Jen's second book covered working with Joomla 1.5, and it was written for the less technically inclined.

Joomla 24 Hour Trainer. Have absolutely ZERO background in web development and Joomla, but you have to get that site made for the church, the scouting troop, the school, or some other organization?

Or did you inherit a Joomla site, and now you have to take care of it and you have NO idea where to begin?

Like books AND videos?

Joomla! 24-Hour Trainer is the book for you!

Most Joomla books assume you have some background in web design and development. Most even assume you have some experience with Joomla. Terms get tossed around without being defined, and after a chapter or two, you're completely lost.

This book assumes you have no background in web design or Joomla, but you have a job you need to get done. Jen explains absolutely everything, clearly and in words you understand:

  • What exactly IS Joomla, and why is it the best thing since sliced bread?
  • How do you pick and purchase a domain name and web hosting?
  • Is there an easy way to get Joomla installed?
  • How do you plan the website?
  • How do you build the website, step by step?
  • What is maintenance, why is it important, and how does it work?

Best of all, this book ships with a great DVD, walking you through each lesson in the book, and demonstrating all of the techniques Jen describes.

And for you web developers out there -- while this is most definitely NOT the book for you, this is a terrific book to give your clients when you launch their website. They can refer to it for creating content and menus, configuring some basic modules, and getting a sense of how their site fits together.

Joomla! 24-Hour Trainer is available to order at and other booksellers.

"After reading the first 15 pages it is clear that this is just the book I need to maintain and develop the website for our two towns and communicate more effectively with web developers."

Jan deVries,

Articles & Interviews

Jen is a contributor to blogs all over the internet. She's also interviewed and been interviewed by guest bloggers. Some of her recent posts and interviews are listed here.

Aquent Gymnasium

Planning Before Pixels: Create With Purpose
Learn how (and why) to take the guesswork out of designing from the authors of Before You Code, Jen Kramer and Heather O'Neill, plus Jeremy Osborn.

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Which Responsive Design Framework Is Best? Of Course, It Depends. Published March 2017.

Teaching Web Design To New Students In Higher Education. Published in 2013.

Responsive Design Frameworks: Just Because You Can, Should You? Published February 2014.


Recently, Jen had the honor of interviewing Steve Krug, author of "Don't Make Me Think!", about mobile usability, Mac vs PC, and much more.

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